Bazooka Rockz Festival II 08.25.13

i still need to edit photos. haha but ugh omg i just wanted to post some photos i took. I used my phone, so sorry for lq pictures. 

I was trying save my concert virginity for One Direction but wth I couldnt wait. haha. ATL AND ARTTM were going to perform so i needed to go. This was my first concert ever and ohmygawd it was incredible. Though we went through heeell to get close and reach the very front up to the barriers, it was all worth it. Body pain and a sore throat the next morning. lol. ARTTM made me cry though. damn. I’ll never get to see them perform live again… (unless they have a reunion like what? 10 years later? haha) Another tour (8123 tour) is coming up, and damn i want to go. Time for me to save save save!! 

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